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Garden Bloom Day April: Fabulous Foxglove 2


I have been eagerly awaiting the blooming of this exquisite foxglove. I got it from my favorite roadside herb stand on the Bohemian Highway, and had no idea what color it would be. This is one of those plants that you can almost watch grow. In its second season when it blooms, it transforms itself daily. Watch it grow from its nascent whorl of leaves to exquisite early flower.

Here it is just thinking about blooming, starting out:

Now the buds are starting to develop:


Here the spike is developing and the flowers are starting to come out.


This is going to be so beautiful when it’s in full bloom. The only foxglove I’ve grown before have been white or magenta.

A foxglove caveat: it’s extremely poisonous (digitalis) so you don’t want to grow it if you have kids around.

In other garden news, here’s what else is blooming:

The California poppies are contrasting nicely with the borage and penstemon in the front, though you can’t see the borage too well in this pic:

Here it is solo, I love that you can really see the hairiness of it. Borage cools you down, and tastes like cucumber. I love to put it in salads, and it was traditionally steeped in wine for courage.

I feel like a garden isn’t a garden without borage, but you can have too much of a good thing. It reseeds like crazy! It really draws the bees as well.

Then we have the other purples of Salvia Officinalis:

And a sweet, very fragrant lavender just starting to bloom in the herb spiral.

The last bit of news is that my favorite pink roses, which I had given up as a loss are coming back strongly:

What a gift for tax day, mercury retrograde, and my mom’s 90th birthday!

Here’s a last red, red rosebud:

As always, thanks to May Dreams Gardens to hosting this great collection of blooms!

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  1. Tracie says:

    loving your “roadside find”…..sometimes the prettiest colors are on the roadsides! i once stopped and dug up a poppy! oxox, tracie

  2. Lovely blooms! I also love foxglove…it is one plant I truly treasure in the garden. It has a stately beauty that many cannot equal.

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