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Aphids Eat my Tomato Plants 0


I really have to be more on top of pests in my garden. I have three tomato plants growing in my garden right now: Stupice, Early Girl, and, to the best of my recollection, Aunt Ruby’s.  Right now the plants are as large as I ever remember growing them in San Francisco. The middle plant is taller than I am.  Early on in the life of the Stupice plant, I had noticed that the leaves were sort of sooty and drawn, and the plant didn’t look that happy.  continue reading »

A Visit to Green Gulch 1


Nothing makes me happier than a farm by the sea.  I have always felt that the food tastes better if grown near the ocean, that some of the coastal magic comes through the plants.

Yesterday, I visited Green Gulch Farm, which is part of the San Francisco Zen Center.  I was there for a yoga retreat, and had to walk down to the farm from the yurt where we had our retreat.  continue reading »

Starting the Compost Box 0


Earlier, I had posted about a [intlink id=”65″ type=”post”]compost experiment[/intlink], starting a new compost pile in my unused planting box.  Yesterday, Dave and I finally got around to preparing the box.  I had covered it with a tarp for a week or so, to make it easier to pull out some of the pernicious weeds in the box. continue reading »

No Impact Man 0


I just watched this film for the second time in one month. I wanted to share it with my family. It’s made a huge impact on me, and I keep coming back to it, trying to see what I can do in my own small way.

It’s the story of a family living in Manhattan who try to live without carbon impact for a year. When I first met them, on the screen, I instantly fell in love with Michelle, a self-avowed consumer who is addicted to shopping and reality shows. continue reading »

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