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Ladybugs make me Happy 0


It’s been pretty miserable in San Francisco this summer. I haven’t seen the sun for more than an hour a day for almost a month, but I think things are starting to look up.  It’s amazing how much it affects my mood.   Sometime last week, I thought I’d brighten things up by getting some ladybugs to munch on the aphids.

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Curses! Rats? 4


Aargh! I went outside yesterday and found two partially ripe low-growing tomatoes that had been mostly eaten.   It felt so bad, after all that work, that I just threw them in the compost; out of sight, out of mind.  Then this morning, I went out to check again, and, sure enough, there was more damage.  This is one of the worst feelings, to nurture a plant through its lifespan, and then see it destroyed right before it becomes good eating.  So discouraging. continue reading »

Aphids Eat my Tomato Plants 0


I really have to be more on top of pests in my garden. I have three tomato plants growing in my garden right now: Stupice, Early Girl, and, to the best of my recollection, Aunt Ruby’s.  Right now the plants are as large as I ever remember growing them in San Francisco. The middle plant is taller than I am.  Early on in the life of the Stupice plant, I had noticed that the leaves were sort of sooty and drawn, and the plant didn’t look that happy.  continue reading »

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