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Wordless Wednesday: An Eggplant Walks Into a Bar… 0


Two eggplants with noses

Free Farm Stand Needs a New Home 0


SF Park and Rec has given the Free Farm Stand until October 15 to find a new home. It’s been growing steadily since its inception, and the demand for free fresh food is huge. It would be hard to lose such a valuable resource in the neighborhood.

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Goodbye, Zucchini! 3


While I’ve been gone, I haven’t been harvesting my zucchini fast enough. This monster was hiding under the giant leaves.  continue reading »

Hulled Barley Risotto 0


Here’s a little healthy but decadent thing I threw together last night. Barley is a great warming comfort food for those chilly spring evenings.

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Spring Greens 0


With apologies to those still buried in snow, I want to celebrate our bounty of spring greens, both wild and cultivated. California’s flora, which turns tan for much of the year, is a beautiful shade of green right now. Here it’s the time for spring tonics and harnessing the wealth of nutrients that come with that first flush of green. continue reading »

Healing Foods for Autumn 0


The weather has changed drastically this week.  It was in the 90s during the week, started cooling down on Friday afternoon, and by Saturday, it was autumn.  The sky was grey and it was cold and damp. The change was a little unsettling, going from that expansive summer feeling to that poignancy that comes with this season. continue reading »

Produce to the People 0


I want to give a shout out to Produce to the People, a backyard harvest project that collects local produce from residential fruit trees and gardens in SF and gives it away to people in need. continue reading »

Staying Cool 0


Summer has finally come to San Francisco, and it’s REALLY HOT.  I thought I’d share some recipes for staying cool. continue reading »

A Visit to Green Gulch 1


Nothing makes me happier than a farm by the sea.  I have always felt that the food tastes better if grown near the ocean, that some of the coastal magic comes through the plants.

Yesterday, I visited Green Gulch Farm, which is part of the San Francisco Zen Center.  I was there for a yoga retreat, and had to walk down to the farm from the yurt where we had our retreat.  continue reading »

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