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Free Farm Stand Needs a New Home 0


SF Park and Rec has given the Free Farm Stand until October 15 to find a new home. It’s been growing steadily since its inception, and the demand for free fresh food is huge. It would be hard to lose such a valuable resource in the neighborhood.

I am so grateful for the abundance of food we are surrounded by. At the same time, it is an enormous amount of work dealing with all that produce and all those people.

Read Tree’s post about what’s happening with the stand >>

Here’s another post that just came in this morning (9/23/11) from Mission Loc@l, which describes the neighborhood and parent support for the stand, in the face of just two complaints that have been lodged.

Show your support:

Here’s a general park&rec contact 

And here’s David Campos contact, he’s our supervisor

The latest from Tree:

I am so appreciative of everyone who has been writing letters about their experiences with the Free Farm Stand. I think the emails have helped. Yesterday  Eric Anderson from Park and Recreation called me . Apparently word from the General Manager is that wants to reassure us that Park and Recreation wants to find a solution that we will be satisfied with. So next week I am going to have a meeting with them and I think also David Campos our supervisor.

So keep those emails coming!

We’ve been having a gorgeous indian summer heat wave, but I’m getting over being really sick, so I haven’t written or done more than basic maintenance in the garden. I’ve been harvesting cucumbers and basil, and have had a hard time keeping everything watered enough. Next year I’ll get my irrigation s@#$t together! It’s really critical with the cucumbers, I notice when I was too sick to water they became bitter. If I cut off the ends and peel them, they’re still good to eat, especially mixed with some yogurt and garlic.

Here’s one of the basil plants when I first put them in the ground. I’ve been eating them with tomatoes (mine aren’t ready yet) and mozzarella balls. mmmmmmm. The key to basil is to harvest it often.

I got some cool saltillo tiles from craigslist, and we’re trying to find some more to finish up a path.

Dave started laying it out, I’ll share a picture when we get more tiles and it’s complete.

The garden is pretty dormant, got some lettuce and arugula starts that will go in the ground soon.

I’ll keep you posted on the growing pains of the farm stand and if it can find another home in the neighborhood. Such a great place, both for people and food.

I had acupuncture yesterday, and my acupuncturist told me about how it’s easy to get exhausted this time of year. It’s also the vata time in ayurveda, so it’s easy to feel unfocused and all over the place, like the wind.  I need to do some calm, slow yoga to rejuvenate. How do you stay grounded in the fall?

Here is my post from last year about healing foods for Autumn. I’m eating lots of kichidi right now.

And here is a post I just found with a farmer’s market  guide for vata foods.  Lately I’ve been taking my herbs in a paste with honey and other goodness.

Honey is one of the very few sweeteners that Ayurveda favors. It has warming and nourishing qualities that are so important during the Vata season.

I took a really good herb class from Candis Cantin at the Women’s Herbal Symposium that got me started on the honey thing. But that’s a post for next time.  It’s time to walk away from the computer and be still.


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