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  • on 15.10.2012
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Garden Bloom Day: October: The Last of the Dahlias 3


The dahlias are on their way to being a distant memory. There’s a few tiny blooms left, but at the beginning of the month, the battery died in the watering timer during a heat wave, and, while they were nearing the end of their life cycle, that really helped them along. It really makes me cherish the present, how amazing they are for a short time. While I did try to take them out and give them away as much as possible, dahlias really show me the fragility of the present moment.

Here are a few of the big pink ones (I’ll have to look their name up again) with tithonia and the giant yucca in the background:


This one’s called Alpen Pauline:

And this is Bracken Lorelei:

The one at the top is called sea fuego, a really cool color.

This deep red dahlia is called “Caproz, Jewel of Arlene.” I have a better picture somewhere but I’m not going to find it tonight.

Goodbye Dahlias, until the spring!

It’s still bloom day, isn’t it? @#$# Bluehost was down when I tried to post earlier. Enjoy!

And, as always, a big shout out to May Dreams Gardens¬†for hosting Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day. She’s got a crazy clematis blooming in October…


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  1. commonweeder says:

    A couple of days ago The Bridge of Flowers got a killing frost and all the dahlias gave up the ghost. Now they are turning into compost for next year.

  2. Scott Weber says:

    The last blooms of summer are always the most treasured, at least to me!

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