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Garden Bloom Day: October: The Last of the Dahlias 3


The dahlias are on their way to being a distant memory. There’s a few tiny blooms left, but at the beginning of the month, the battery died in the watering timer during a heat wave, and, while they were nearing the end of their life cycle, that really helped them along. It really makes me cherish the present, how amazing they are for a short time. While I did try to take them out and give them away as much as possible, dahlias really show me the fragility of the present moment. continue reading »

My First Dahlias 2


Although many of you gardeners have been showing off your dahlia flowers for months now, I’m really excited to see the first flower in my backyard. This was a real learning experience for me, nursing the bulbs, learning how to prune, feed, etc. Now it’s all worth it, and there are going to be so many of these babies popping soon. continue reading »

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