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A Compost Experiment 0


It’s a sunny Sunday morning, and I went out into the garden early to make sure everything was getting enough water.  I had just read Backyard Composting, and was reminded again of the idea of how some people move their compost pile frequently, and then plant where the pile has been.  (similar to the permaculture “chicken tractor”) This approach may solve a big problem in my garden.  continue reading »

Summer Solstice 2010 0


It’s really close to the solstice, and I’m experiencing a familiar feeling — too many possibilities.  This is a time for me when work slows down and I try to focus on personal projects, as well as exploring new technologies and just learning.

When I go out into the garden, there’s so much to do, everywhere I look something needs attention.  Instead of getting overwhelmed, I need to learn how to feel content with just doing a little bit at a time, instead of doing it all perfectly. continue reading »

My Home Composting Setup 2


I am lucky enough to live in the city AND have a big backyard.  Every day I give thanks for my yard, the fact that I have so much greenery in the heart of the city.  Even though everything is perfect, it’s still hard to get those food and paper scraps out in a way that they can be maximized by my compost pile.

I have learned that what works for me is a series of containers for each step of the composting process.  continue reading »

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