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  • on 24.06.2010
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Summer Solstice 2010 0


It’s really close to the solstice, and I’m experiencing a familiar feeling — too many possibilities.  This is a time for me when work slows down and I try to focus on personal projects, as well as exploring new technologies and just learning.

When I go out into the garden, there’s so much to do, everywhere I look something needs attention.  Instead of getting overwhelmed, I need to learn how to feel content with just doing a little bit at a time, instead of doing it all perfectly.

Living in San Francisco, our seasons are a bit topsy-turvy, and I still haven’t quite got a handle on how to flow with them yet, even after many years.  We have more of a rainy and dry season here, and luckily this year the rainy season has extended into June, which is sorely needed.  The one thing I do know from experience is that I’d better get my watering situation down soon, both for the plants and for the compost, or else I’ll be dealing with a desert in August. For the most part, I have stopped watering my tomatoes, and they still look good, lots of flowers.

I always think of the Summer Solstice as bittersweet.  It’s the longest day of the year, and that means that the days will, once again, start getting shorter.  I used to love to go swimming in the ocean after work at this time of year, because there was plenty of sun left and the water was slightly warmer.

My challenge in the summer is to take all that expansive creative energy and run with it, but ground it enough to manifest at least a few of my dreams.   My challenge in the garden is to resurrect that old watering system, and try to get it working again, and to keep my compost moist all summer long.

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