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Garden Bloggers Bloom Day May 2011 2


The foxglove that was just starting to bloom last month has been blooming like crazy and sprouted numerous little baby spires. These are just some of them. It’s impossible to get the whole damn thing in a photo!  Here is the big spire, along with the other May blooms.

I like the way that the old flowers fall off the bottom of the spire, while newer buds are still forming at the top. I wish I had enough room for tons of these and veggies too.

Here is the pink rose, the name of which has long since been forgotten. The flowers are beautiful, but this one always gets that powdery mildew, which is pretty apparent on the leaves already.  I have been spraying neem on it, but in a pretty lackadaisical manner. It still blooms pretty vigorously:

Here’s an iceland poppy, this one was a deeper red than I was expecting:

Here is a little preview of a poppy that’s going to be crazy next month. I forgot the name, but it’s gonna be spectacular. That plant in front of it, which looks an awful lot like cannabis, is actually mexican marigold, or Tagates lucida:

This alstroemeria is just about to pop as well, after I cleared out a big sage I found a ton of it growing underneath, but recently it’s been trampled by something that looks pretty large. Are my cats that destructive? I really hope it’s them!  This plant came from root division from the Garden for the Environment, so glad it’s reappeared:

Here is a pretty tattered lemon blossom, I thought it looked cool. There are also really large lemons on this dwarf meyer tree, though they haven’t been ripe enough to pick:

And some lobelia, which I grew from seed (I think from Horizon Herbs):

And the Cecile Brunner Roses are still blooming (below). In the front the penstemon and cream colored monkeyflower (mimulus) are blooming, and there’s also a cream-colored nasturtium. I’ll have to share those photos next month, cause soon it won’t be bloom day anymore!

As always, thanks to May Dreams Gardens for hosting Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.

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  1. reema says:

    Awesome photos. I had no idea lemon blossom was that crazy looking.

    • admin says:

      It’s super overcast today, think it’s going to rain, which is unusual this late, but I’ll take it. The first of the poppies just popped, and it’s such a deep purple, it almost looks brown…

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