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Rosemary for Remembrance 13


I write this post with a heavy heart. My mom passed away on Memorial Day. R.I.P. Kay Bardsley, 1921-2011. She was a pioneer and inspiration to women everywhere. I am dedicating this post to her courage and fighting spirit. She died as she lived, with strength and grace.  continue reading »

Light – A Closer Look 7


This is my first foray into Gardening Gone Wild’s Picture This Contest. The subject of the contest for May is light in the macro or close-up world. I shot a few pics yesterday, and I’m having a hard time choosing which one to enter. continue reading »

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day May 2011 2


The foxglove that was just starting to bloom last month has been blooming like crazy and sprouted numerous little baby spires. These are just some of them. It’s impossible to get the whole damn thing in a photo!  Here is the big spire, along with the other May blooms.

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Wordless Wildflower Wednesday 4


Infusions, Tinctures and Vinegars 7


I’ve just had a flurry of herbal tonic making, and it feels so GOOD! Pictured from left to right are a beginning batch of nettle infusion, beginning jar of Susun Weed’s Old Sourpuss mixture, an already set and strained nettle infusion (nothing else has that color), beginning infusion of fresh oat tops, and some motherwort tincture that I took out of the cupboard. continue reading »

Wordless Wednesdays Numero Uno 12


Walking the Walk for Earth Day 4


I’m old enough to remember the first Earth Day, when I went to a fair at my local high school and learned about so much that was then new to me. It was the first time I tried seaweed as a food, something that was completely unheard of then (eww!). People didn’t talk about being “Green,” it was all about “Ecology.”

Coincidentally, I just made a lifestyle change that significantly lessens my impact on the planet. When I first thought about this as a possibility, it was much stranger than seaweed was to me as a teen. This post may not be for everyone; it may offend some. I’m dedicating it to those brave souls who have gone before me.

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Garden Bloom Day April: Fabulous Foxglove 2


I have been eagerly awaiting the blooming of this exquisite foxglove. I got it from my favorite roadside herb stand on the Bohemian Highway, and had no idea what color it would be. This is one of those plants that you can almost watch grow. In its second season when it blooms, it transforms itself daily. Watch it grow from its nascent whorl of leaves to exquisite early flower. continue reading »

Meet the Herbalist Giveaway – My Love Affair with Lavender 1


Mountain Rose Herbs is having a pretty great giveaway. They have an interview with one of my favorite herbalists, Kathi Keville, and they’re giving away a copy of her book  Aromatherapy: A Complete Guide to the Healing Art along with a Classic Essential Oil Kit. WOW. continue reading »

Intro to Urban Beekeeping 2


Today I took a class at the Garden for the Environment called Introduction to Urban Beekeeping. This class is part of a series, and for those of you who are in San Francisco and are interested, I recommend checking out the remaining classes. It was taught by Paul Koski of the San Francisco Beekeeper’s Association, a knowledgeable and engaging teacher. I’ve been around bees and hives, but wanted to take this series to see if I felt comfortable starting a hive in my backyard.  continue reading »

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